What does Quality mean for us?
Our customer focused quality is a prime reason for preferring our PV Panel when considering your Solar integration projects.In choosing DEM, we guarantee good quality PV Panels and service, in the knowledge that qualityand customer satisfaction are our main directive.Using Certified Producers and Quality Raw Materials.
Our PV Panels are manufactured to international quality standards using raw materials from Certified Producers. Regular quality control and inspection of our products in co-operation with our supply-chain, ensure that our PV Panels are despatched fault free and accredited to independent laboratory testing.
All DEM PV Panels are approved in accordance with IEC 61215 and  IEC 61730 standards and PID free for sales within the European Union and all over the world.
Performance data of all of our PV Modules are continuously reviewed and our PV modules have been guaranteed by flash test and electroluminescence modules:
‘Voltage is applied externally to the solar module to depict the electrical interconnectors. Any possible cracks and fissures caused during transport are visualized that would not be detectable with the naked eye.’
All of our products are inspected to International Quality Standard by our DEM PV Panel Quality Team, carrying out comprehensive batch inspections at regular intervals.

We are convinced that our attractive prices, combined with exceptional quality, can mean a lot to you and your customers.

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