The concept behind Dutchenergetics Solar Farms is both simple and effective: large scale Production and Standardization result in higher output and predictable performance at significantly lower costs.

Dutchenergetics offers these benefits in a modular solar power plant platform  for a highly reliable and safe investment.

The Innovative DUTCH ENERGETICS MODULAR POWER PLANT concept makes investing in solar energy an increasingly attractive option.
Through extensive research and development Dutchenergetics has built upon its already proven reliability and performance, resulting in a much lower overall solar power plant investment risk.
This was made possible by using a modular system, in which each Dutchenergetics power plant is made using a predefined pool of high-quality components.

Many components of the system also come preassembled so, once they arrive at the plant site, they only have to be connected, reducing the time and costs of installation. Our clever solution means significant savings in installation, maintenance and operation – while retaining premium quality.
And with its high-performance 1 MW building blocks, the power plant can easily be scaled for larger plant requirements.
Dutchenergetics allows you to benefit from higher standardization, simplifying the entire project from design to interconnection, lowering the overall levelized cost of electricity and maximizing the system output throughout the power plant’s entire life.

DUTCHENERGETICS Performs Better, Guarantees
As with our power plants, we set the standard in guarantees – for our DUTCHENERGETICS modules we provide a performance guarantee of an average of 87% over 25 years of operation.

(95% for the first 5 years, 90% years 6 through 10, 87% years 11 through 15 , 83% years 16 through 20, 80% years 21 through 25.)

Operation and maintenance. You will continue to benefit from Dutchenergetics’s experience even after the plant is on-line. We can manage the operation and maintenance of the entire power plant for your complete peace of mind. You can depend on us. Remote monitoring allows you to keep your eye on your power plant, wherever you are.
Our System for supervisory control and data acquisition is an innovative remote control and monitoring system that maximizes system uptime.


We are convinced that our attractive prices, combined with exceptional quality, can mean a lot to you and your customers.
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