1. Due Diligence services, preparing pre- feasibility and feasibility reports,
  2. Certification and Inspection Services according to IEC 62446:Inspection and certification of the supporting PV system structures, according to the Euroced 1, 3, 8 &9.
    • Inspection and certification of the design study validating the energy performance of the system.
    • Evaluation of technical documentation and review of the design build study based on the standard EN 62446:2009.
    • Sampling checks of materials during the delivery and project installation process in addition to complete review of relevant documentation as to verify their compliance to technical specifications (i.e. Panel geometry, sorting etc.)
    • On-site audit and certification of the installation by qualified technical inspectors utilizing laboratory calibrated instrumentation.
  1. Verification of electrical installation procedures according to the approved study or/and based on the EN 62446:2009 and IEC 60364 standards including; grounding resistance measurements, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, polarity tests, string connections, insulation resistance, electrical panels’ connections, cables and switch disconnector sizing, continuity of protective earth conductors, lightning protection system, SPDs, inventors’ proper operation, labelling and identification of all appropriate materials.
  2. On-site presence during the acceptance tests, during final acceptance of the project and during on-site checks by the Power Supplier.
  3. Issuance of final conformity certificate of the installation according to provisions of the approved study and/or the relative specifications according to standard EN 62446:2009
  4. Additional inspection of photovoltaics installations based on thermographic analysis and measurements of the I-V curve string characteristics adhering to the standard.
  5. Project Acceptance Tests, Commissioning Test and Supervision Services During Commissioning
  6. Remaining standard framework and procedure, implementing thermographic analyses, I-V Measurements and other optional measurement and inspection services for PV systems.
  7. PV panel tests:
    • IEC 61215 (Crystalline silicium terrestrial photovoltaic ( PV ) modules- design qualification and type approval)
    • IEC 61446 (Thin- film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules – design qualification and type approval)
    • IEC 61730 (Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification)
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