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The lithium batteries packing production line including 3 kinds of machines.
1. For raw material, lithium cells checking and testing.
  a. Simple cells formation and testing machine, for random test.
  b. Lithium cells formation and testing machine, for test the cells’ capacity, big quantity test.
2. For converting the cells into the batteries.
  a. Auto insulation paper pasting machine, for the cells’ safe using in the future, avoid short circuit;
  b. Cells sorter sort the cells by their inner resistance and output voltage, same sort cells could be put in the same battery.
  c. Manual spot welding machine, for sample batteries welding, or for NG batteries repairing.
  d. Double side auto spot welding machine, for big quantity batteries welding.
  e. CCD checking machine, for checking the cells’ direction in the batteries, let them in order.
  f. Battery tester on line, for test the batteries’ characters on line.
  g. Conveyors, for transfer the cells and batteries in different stations.
  h. IR reflow oven, for heating the shrink films cover the batteries, let it shrink and cover the batteries tightly.
3. For finished batteries before shipment
   . Batteries aging machine, for aging the batteries, let it become stable and pick up the NG batteries.

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