While plug-in electric cars are emerging in the general car market, the options are still fairly limited.
If you love your current vehicle and you wish it run on electric, there are several electric vehicle conversion kits that can help transform your car into the green plug-in electrical vehicle.
• Global electric vehicle conversion kit market to grow at a CAGR of 20.52% during the period 2018-2023
• One driver in the market is development of grid-independent low-cost kit for light vehicles
• Emerging markets are facing a two-sided challenge, emission reduction and adoption of a cost-effective method to reduce emission
• The price of conversion kit available in developed regions ranges between $9,000 and $19,000   
An EV conversion is essentially recycling a factory-built gas/diesel car, turning it into an efficient and clean electric vehicle.  
Many of the reasons for building a conversion are the same as for driving a factory built EV:
• reduce carbon footprint; cleaner car, global warming, etc
• use domestic energy
• economic benefits; Energy Cost for an EV is about 1/8 that of a gas/diesel car
• efficiency; An EV is about 75% efficient compared to 17% gas/diesel efficiency


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